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services tailored to you.

skyn spot is not just a destination for aesthetic treatments; it's an experience customized to your individual needs and desires. Our skilled team of professionals combines artistic expertise with scientific precision to deliver results that inspire confidence and empowerment.

From permanent makeup services that offer a convenient and no fuss routine to advanced skin treatments that target specific concerns, we offer a diverse range of services that cater to every aspect of your beauty and wellness journey. Our spa is a haven for those seeking transformative treatments such as skin tightening, injectables, and spray tans, all performed with the utmost care and attention to detail. skyn spot is dedicated to being your partner on this investment into your well-being. 

A type of permanent brow option.

Classic, Hybrid, Volume, + UV

Lashline enhancement, traditional, smokey

Plasma pen skin tightening + microneedling

Dermaplaning, + peels

Saline tattoo removal method

A type of permanent brow option.

Signature, glow + go, + designer

A permanent option to add the look of freckles

Tox, filler, + PDO threads

Scar + stretch mark camouflage, areola + scalp regimentation, 

Bracelets, anklets,  + necklaces

A type of permanent brow option.

Tint (henna), Shaping, + Lamination

Lip blushing, lipstick look, + ombre


Bridal, prom, + event makeup

Tiny + fine line tattoos

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