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The timeless Lipsmart Hydrating Lip Treatment features collagen boosting peptides and ceramides and Phytokine to replenish your lips with all they need to heal quickly and beautifully, for soft, smooth, supple lips!


Free of irritants and harmful ingredients, the clean-beauty formula gently restores the natural plumpness of your lips though intense hydration and collagen reproduction, actively combating dryness, fine lines, cracking, and even flaking. The signature formula has transcended the times and become a staple in the medical field. Lipsmart is the #1 product for post-lip injections, and has been featured twice alongside Restylane in collaboration with Galderma, with our 1st collab reaching sold-out in just over 48 hours!


~ Suitable for all skin types

~ Immediately softens and smooths for relief

~ Helps speed up recovery and repair

~ Combats all levels of dryness

~ Instant, and long-lasting results!

Lipsmart Hydrating Lip Treatment

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