Save time and money with permanent makeup! PMU is an efficient way to gain time in the mornings and gain that "no makeup, makeup" look. Brows are the most aesthetically pleasing way to frame the face. Through the use of permanent makeup, a flattering brow shape can be created that can last 1-5 years. If you want to create the appearance of fuller lips, define your vermillion border, or add some beautiful color to your lips, the lip blush permanent makeup technique is for you! To achieve a glowy complexion, shallow nano needling along with a skin-colored solution tailored to you, is lightly needled into the skin with the bb glow treatment.



Prices for Maggie: (for new bookings and cancellations/reschedules as of 3/22/21)

Microblading, Powder/Ombre, Combination brow: $500 


Prices for Paige: (for new bookings and cancellations/reschedules as of 3/22/21)

Microblading, Powder/Ombre brow, Combination brow: $600


Perfecting Session 6-8 weeks later: $75


Color boost (between 8 weeks and 2 years)

This is for existing clients only. We do not touch up other artist's work. Please contact us before scheduling as a new client if you have existing work.  

Microblading: $199

Powder: $249

Combination: $299

Microblading is best for dry to normal skin types, ombre/powder is great for all skin types, combination brows are best for normal skin types. 


Lashline enhancement or Traditional liner (top or bottom): $299

Top and bottom liner: $499

Perfecting Session 6-8 weeks later: $75


Lip Tint & Liner: $599

Does not include perfecting session. 

Perfecting session 6-8 weeks after initial session: $150

The longevity of this service depends on wear and use of your lips/mouth. Lasts 1-5 years on average.

BROWS & LIPS: $999 Includes 1 session of brows and 1 lip tint and liner session. 

BROWS, EYES, & LIPS: $1200 Includes 1 session of brows, 1 lip tint and liner session, and one top liner session

Touchups are charged at regular prices


*prices are subject to change at ay point in time, without notice. 

We offer options to pay for certain services through the providers below. If you would like to use these to pay for your appointment, please go to MENU —> SHOP —> SERVICES —> and add the service you’re booking to the cart and checkout through one of the providers below.