COST: $5,999 (includes kit and detailed manual)

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Become a PMU (permanent makeup) Artist with SKYN SPOT. 

Turn your passion into your paycheck by offering the on trend and in demand service like microblading, ombre powder. brows, and lip blushing. Doing just 2 treatments per day can deliver you nearly $10,000-$18,000 per month, depending on what you charge. Learn Microblading, Ombre Powder Brows, and Lip Blushing from one of the best PMU Trainers in Kentucky. The essential 6 day PMU training with Paige will enable you with the knowledge and practical skills to become a microblading, powder ombre, and lip blushing artist. No prior permanent makeup experience is required to attend the training. However, you may not perform permanent makeup without proper licensing from your state or town. 


  • Latex Sheets for Practicing

  • 2 Universal Holder Autoclave

  • 6 Pigments 

  • Shaping Wax Pen for Drawing

  • 1 Box of U Blade

  • 1 Box of Classic Blade

  • 1 Box 1rl

  • 1 Box 3rl

  • PMU Machine

  • 1 Microblading Ruler

  • 2 Eyebrow Pencils

  • 30 Pigment Finger Rings

  • Disposable safety razors 

  • Eyebrow Brushes

  • 1 Box of Disposable Tool


  • Proper use of tools

  • Practice Safety, Sanitation, and Sterilization

  • Creating perfect symmetry through Shaping method

  • Microblading hair strokes and shading 

  • Lip shaping

  • Consent

  • Assessing skin types and color mixing for each individual client

  • Old permanent make up tattoo cover up

  • Touch up